An implant overdenture fits over a dental implant with various types of attachments that provide you with excellent stability and retention of your complete dentures. The implant overdenture is a full denture used to replace the teeth in a full-arch where all the teeth are missing. The denture can "snap" into place to afford you more comfort, and improved chewing ability. Implant overdentures are held in place by various dental attachments selected by Dr. Petros to provide maximum retention, and increased chewing ability. The implant overdenture is removable to facilitate cleaning of the implant supporting structure. Implant overdentures can be made to look extremely natural and feel comfortable.

Pre-surgical planning for implant overdentures begins with diagnostic impressions for recording jaw relation and diagnosing possible dentures. These impressions help to determine the correct positioning of the teeth on the new dentures as well as to confirm the optimal location for each implant. They are also used to assure correct appearance and bite. Frequently, a template is produced from the diagnostic impression that is provided to the surgeon for guidance during implant placement surgery.

Most often, an upper overdenture will require placement of more implants than a lower overdenture due to the different nature of the anatomy of the upper and lower jaws. It may also be possible to fabricate an upper denture without a palate (roof of the mouth), which may be a more comfortable option for some patients.

The specific need for an implant overdenture can vary and the decision for this treatment option should be made after a consultation with Dr. Petros. Many patients can benefit from the facial support provided by the extensions of the complete denture design. The number and type of implants should be decided upon following a thorough examination, and careful consideration of your personal experiences with your current dentures.

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