Angelica L.

A friend referred me to Dr. Petros after having a nightmare of an experience with another dentist.. Immediately after my first consult with Dr. Petros I was informed of soo much that I needed and what he could do to help me.  Dr. Petros was honest about the kind of work I needed and what he is able to do.  He does  not make false promises and only will commit to what he can.  He does thorough work and one can tell he is serious about giving his patients 100% exceptional care.  I feel safe in his care and even though his practice is out of my way... I don't mind the drive because he is an awesome dentist with great work ethics and honesty!!! Also, his office is super cute he has tv's and coffee for patients in the waiting area.  Staff is super friendly and helpful as well! =)

Rakesh K.

You are here reading my review -- Consider yourself lucky. You found the right dentist. Dr.Ramiz Petros is not only an amazing and professional dentist but also very friendly and a very nice person who really cares about his patients. I feel so fortunate to have find him. He is very experienced and most genuine dentist I have ever met. I had couple of fillings and root canals. The root canal operation was really painless. After the root canal he will really make sure that I am comfortable and the crown is the right fit, shape, bite and color. For one of the root canals, after fixing the crown, I was fine with the crown but Dr.Petros was not happy with it and he took the impressions again and got the new one in just 2 days for no extra charge and he also gave me a discount. He even came in on a Saturday once to work on my tooth since I was in a lot of pain. I still have my wisdom tooth intact but once I needed a filling and Dr.Petros did a great job. The staff is very nice. Once I chipped my teeth so I called the hospital, though doctor was booked for the whole week, She squeezed me in-between two appointments.

Trust me, I am very hard to be pleased but Dr. Petros ticks all the boxes. I recommended my dentist to couple of my friends and they all love it. I definitely recommend Dr.Petros to any one looking for a best dentist.

Gene W.

Very very happy with Dr. Petros and his staff. I broke a tooth on a Sunday and my regular dentist was out of town for week, so after reading reviews I contacted PDC and was able to get an appointment for Monday. Everyone was very courteous, Dr. Petros assessed my condition, gave me several treatment options and then put together a plan with all the costs listed up front. He fixed the immediate problem and then over the next several sessions finished up the rest of the work I needed. While the sessions did run long, that was only because they were very careful and made sure that I wasn't feeling any discomfort. When adjusting the surfacing on my crown and fillings I never felt they were rushing me through making sure everything felt comfortable and natural. I manage a primary care office and I appreciated the professionalism and skill exhibited by both Dr. Petros and his staff - I always felt attended to, I got regular follow up and reminder calls, and possible treatment outcomes were all explained to my satisfaction. I have absolutely no reservations about recommending PDC and Dr. Petros, and plan on using them for dental services in the future.

Sharol C.

I am so happy that I found Dr. Petros!! He is amazing!! He makes you feel comfortable and he is very honest with what kind of work needs to be done. He definitely looks for what option is best for the patient. From the moment you walk into the office Karen, his assistant makes you feel welcome. They are great! I recommend Peninsula Dental Care to everyone. I had a root canal and a wisdom tooth pulled out and this was the right man for it, couldn't have made it any easier of a process like he did. from the beginning of the process, during the process, until the end! They are carefully working on you. They even call you the next day to see how you're doing! I am thankful to have found this dentist and this is where I will continue to go! Once again come to Peninsula Dental Care!!!!

Jean C.

I had broken a bonded front tooth and wanted ot rebonded. Other dentists wouldn't see me unless I needed more complex work. This office got me right on on a Saturday aftermoon, and did such a great job it looked and felt better than before.
Dr. Petros is a good artist as well as dentist, as reasonable price.
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Joyce W.


I've been going to Dr. Petros since 2010, before he had his own practice.   He is extremely thorough and caring.  He always provides lots of explanation about what he's doing, and why - and never tries to upsell unnecessary procedures or products.  I feel that he has my best interests in mind, which is why I've followed him to his new office here.  I've referred other friends to him over the years and they've been very happy as well.   There's also a TV on the ceiling to distract you if needed (this is a huge plus for me since I hate going to the dentist!)

Raya E.


I had full mouth surgery with Dr. Petros, and I have to say, he is the least painful dentist I have ever experienced.  And my teeth look amazing.  I have received so many compliments and continue to receive compliments.  What made him different from the other dentists that I have seen (and with my case, I have seen many!) is that he genuinely cares about his patients and their teeth.  His office feels like a family and not once did I feel that I was pushed to get a service I didn't need.  Many of my family and friends now go to him and everyone loves his work.  I am telling you, this guy is a real find!!

Steven E.


So Monday morning I wake up to a killer tooth ache, thinking perhaps the pain will ease but sure enough it didn't (infected tooth). Being a plumber my schedule is a bit hectic and making appointments can sometimes be a bit hard for me. luckily I was referred to him from another dentist group around the corner and upon walking in his office Dr. Petros and his assistant were right on top of things and had me in the chair in no time. the coolest part of it was he has an upside down tv on the ceiling so you can watch. I have NEVER been to a dentist that has taken such good care of me. He was very fragile with my mouth when pulling my tooth and I never felt a single thing. HANDS DOWN THE BEST DENTIST VISIT I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED! I highly recommend Dr. Petros with Peninsula dental Clinic! Thanks Doc

Kelsey L.


I recently started going to Dr. Petros and he is the best dentist I've ever been to! The office is welcoming and Karen really made me feel comfortable as soon as I walked in the door. I most appreciated how Dr. Petros took the time to explain every detail of my dental work on my first visit. He and his team stayed after hours (45 min after they closed!) to ensure I had a thorough exam and understood my treatment plan.

Jad K.


Dr. Petros' always has your best interest in mind. He's patient, warm, makes sure your comfortable throughout, and most importantly very good at what he does!

I found out I had a couple cavities on both sides and without problems he took care of both of them on separate visits. My teeth and bite feel exactly as they did before, which is super important. Normally I'd dread going every six months for a checkup and cleaning, but that definitely is not going to be the case here.

I couldn't ask more for more and would recommend Dr. Petros to anyone needing a great dentist!

Atheel S.


It was easy for me to make my mind on a new dentist. A new office with kind folks and most importantly, a knowledgeable and experienced dentist. I highly recommend giving this office a serious consideration. Best of luck.
A special thanks and a congrats to Dr. Petros

Tanya V.


Getting braces was something I had put off doing for a long time (due to negative things I had heard before about the process), but I'm glad that I finally did - and with Dr. Petros the process was very pleasant and rewarding. I am so amazed and pleased with the results and I didn't even have to wear them for very long. Dr. Petros is a very professional and skilled dentist and every time I visit the office I always feel at home which means a lot to me as a patient.  I am never afraid to visit the dentist because of this no matter what the procedure.

I highly recommend Dr. Petros!

Helene H.


Dr. Petros is very professional and very good and what he does. I can say that all the work he has done on my teeth has been impeccable. Whomever is so fortunate to have Dr. Petros as their dentist will always be very pleased with his work and the exceptional care given to them.

Nancy L.


Dr. Ramiz Petros is an excellent dentist who explains his treatment plan, is gentle and caring during treatment and does beautiful work.  His work has put a smile back on my face.  I truly enjoyed the time spent with him, the excellent work he did and would highly recomend him to any one.

John B.


I have been going to Dr. Petros for four years now, I had my bridge done then and still happy with it. he is honest and will only do what's best for you. the new location at redwood city is nice , clean and they have a ceiling TV , which helps with the appointment. I highly recommend Dr. Petros ..

Sonia W.


Dr. Petros has been my dentist  during the year 2007/2008/2009, He is a excellent dentist. He is warm and tender, but professional.  His work is always impressive. I cannot find a reason to deny Dr. Petros an excellent recommendation.

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